Nurtaj Aboyne is one of the aberdeenshire,s most awaited restaurants opening soon in 1 Ballater road, with a target of gaining a worldwide reputation for excellence in low fat cooking style along with exquisite dining experience. The name Nurtaj means Crown to the King of Kings and is reflected by our passion to serve authentic South Asian cuisine based on distinctive low fat healthy cooking styles and dining rituals of ancient Indian nobility. Nurtaj is the first low fat restaurant launching to make a difference. We retain the traditional flavours that are so deeply revered, accentuating them with the highest quality ingredients. Each dish contains numerous spice combinations that truly showcases the depth of pure curry cuisine. Moreover, the side dishes and condiments, home-made chutneys, curries, dals, and pickles – contribute to the overall flavour and textural contrast of the meal. We will be still using the traditional charcoal cooking methods that bring out the delightful flavours to their most full, whereas most restaurants use cheaper gas-powered grills. We always train all of our chefs in Nurtaj the way of cooking to maintain the genuine nature of authentic healthy food.